About Us

“Massalsky Mining and Processing Plant” LLP is a subsidiary of “Tau-Ken Samruk” National Mining Company” JSC, a national operator of mining assets in Kazakhstan, established to carry out exploration, mining, processing and sales of solid minerals.

The Company implements the project “Construction of a Mining and Metallurgical Complex on the basis of Massalskoe iron ore deposit in Akmola region”. Massalskoe deposit is located in Zharkain district of Akmola region, 16 km east of Priishimskaya railway station of Yessil-Arkalyk highway, the north-western part of Central Kazakhstan, the so-called Yessil (Ishim) part located on the border of Kazakh Hummocks with Turgay lowlands.

Massalskoe deposit is assigned to Massalsky intrusive mass having dimensions of 3×3.5 km. According to the exploration results conducted in 2008-2012, the ore body has the shape of a clustered pier narrowed in a central part, dipping to E-SE. The ore body on the surface of bedrock in the southern part has a round shape, ranging 1.25×1.0 km; the ore body on the surface of bedrock in the northern part has an elongated shape to E-W (sub-lateral), ranging 1.0×0.3 km. The vent between the southern and northern parts is elongated to N-NW, ranging 0.3×0.2 km.

The reserves of the deposit are estimated both under classifications of JORC and State Reserves Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The total operational C1 and C2 ore reserves (registered on the state balance of SRC of RK, Minute No. 1327-13-У dated 02.09.2013) amount 729 155 727 tons with an average Fe content of 15.82%.

In accordance with the Decree No. 1137 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 04.10.2011, the deposit is classified as strategic, and the development project is included in the Comprehensive Plan for Development of Mining and Metallurgical Industry (2014- 2018).